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The Bulrush Project

The Bulrush Project was exhibited from August 1 – 9, 2012 during the annual North Bay Heritage Festival. Installations of Andrew Van Schie. It was co presented by the WKP Kennedy Gallery and the White Water Gallery of North Bay.

The installation consisted of 1000 bamboo poles painted vermillion, 500 natural bamboo poles, 1000 solar lights, and flagging tape. The bamboo poles were installed close to the shore west of the North Bay Government Dock. They were installed to mimic naturally growing bulrushes. All the painted bamboo poles had a solar light attached to it that was either orange or lime green. Attached to all the bamboo poles was a piece of lime green flagging tape.

During the day time the flagging tape fluttered in the breeze and in the evening the solar lights turned on to illuminate the false bulrushes.


The Bulrush Project

The Bulrush Project

The Bulrush Project

The Bulrush Project

The Bulrush Project

The Bulrush Project  with Government Dock in background

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  1. Beautiful – LOVE this.

  2. Natalie

    What a cool installation piece that mimics nature!

  3. Wow – these are breathtaking! Great job Brian!

  4. Michelle

    Awesome, your images are always stunning!

  5. Very beautiful work!

  6. Martyn Thomas

    Excellent Brian

  7. I’m in such awe at the beauty you’ve created, Brian! These are so stunning!

    • Thanks Huong. the artist created a wonderful piece of art. I was glad to have the opportunity to shoot it

  8. What a creative Art Project Design captured wonderfully by you. Pic one really magnifies the tape on each pole; very cool. And I especially liked the cam settings on pic #3 and #4, as the long exposure really accentuates the colors.

    Great job capturing.

  9. Another amazing project Brian!!!

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