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The Art of Self Portraits

Week 41 Maze In My Mind

Day 312

I remember getting my first DSLR for Christmas 2008. On boxing day I jumped right in and started a self portrait project. It was such a great way to force yourself to shoot everyday and come up with new ideas. As the year went on you find yourself learning so much about photography, Photoshop and yes even yourself.

I remember I was very camera shy when I started. Now I will lay down in the road in front of a crowd to get the shot if need be. It was a year of ups and downs. I broke my ankle, I became diabetic and most importantly I pushed through all that and photography became a type of therapy.

It is really amazing to look back at these projects after a year or two and view your photography/art and feel a connection and a memory to each picture.

365 Days The Movie

The next year I did a 52 week project where I did 1 self portrait a week.

52 Weeks

I am currently finishing up year 3 of this project and back to a shot a day. It’s actually 366 shots this year because of the leap year. I highly recommend that everyone do some type of project like this. It’s a lot of fun and you meet some amazing people along the way.

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  1. Awesome job, you have a real talent…your artistic creativity is second to none!

  2. Fantastic, love the maze brain one…

  3. Wow! What an amazing talent you have! These are great! 🙂

  4. wow, these are great…very creative!

  5. These kinds of edits are not easy; you’ve got a great skill! I get the feeling these are really true self portraits for you. 😉

  6. Nice work . . .

  7. This is beyond impressive. I also have to say it is refreshing to see a blog post that is so artistically driven. I applaud you for taking the 52 week challenge and it makes me think about trying it myself. Thank you for sharing. I really really like the middle image… so cool!!!!

  8. Wow! That is some creative stuff!

  9. Amazing! Mad skills!

  10. I am proud to call,you my friend , to have known you since ’08 when things started happening. Your work is fascinating. Thanks for your friendship, Brad. Ooops, Brian.

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