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Jake Trapper

I had a fun shoot with Jake an upcoming model. He was great to work with and has a bright future ahead of him.

Jake Trapper

Jake Trapper


  1. Nice job, looks great, love the light peeking in through the windows.

  2. very nice! the lighting is amazing!

  3. Dawniele Castellanos

    Love a fedora! 😉

  4. Great pictures, love the outfit and the location too!

    • It was a great location. I was glad to be in a covered area we had a crazy lighting storm pass through as we were shooting

  5. You captured him beautifully!

  6. Danyel Rogers

    What a great job!

  7. Great work and I love your lighting!

  8. Sarah Morciglio

    Nice backlighting! Love the shots

  9. Best of luck to him. These will be great for his portfolio.

  10. These are great! I love the lighting.

  11. Excellent work!! LOVE the light in your photos, LOVE!!

  12. Nice! He has a great look!

  13. You are very talented! Love these!

  14. Nicole Suddeth

    Amazing pictures! You are great!

  15. Definitely cool shots! He looks like he had a great time doing this!

  16. So who is this stunning young man???

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