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Don Boudreau “Mr. Music”

As photographers we spend countless hours making memories for other families. I had this idea in my mind for a shoot with my Dad for some time now. I finally found the perfect suit for the occasion to shoot him with his instruments.

Dad is 83 years young and very photogenic. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to do this shoot with him. Growing up we always had music playing in the house. I always loved listening to him play. He is an amazing picker and always encouraged us to play. When he bought his Martin guitar he gave me his 1962 Gibson J50. That is something I will cherish forever .

Now it’s so great to listen to my daughter playing with him as a new generation enjoys the music and spends quality time with her grampy.
Dad has always been there for me no matter what and I am proud to be his son.

Love you Dad.

1987 Martin HD28
IMG_4024 -edit

Sharp Dressed Man
Dad collage 001 5up-Overlay-1P4L

Grampy and the Girls
Grampy and Girls -blog

Mr. Music
IMG_3936 squre crop - test

Mr. Music
IMG_3950 -edit

1987 Martin HD28
IMG_4010 -edit

1987 Martin HD28
IMG_4018 -edit

A model Mandolin bought in 1960’s
IMG_4039 -edit

A model Mandolin bought in 1960’s
IMG_4043 -edit no hp

1960’s Gibson LG2
IMG_4047 -edit

1960’s Gibson LG2
IMG_4049 -edit

1950’s Banjo
IMG_4060 -edit

1950’s Banjo
IMG_4069 -edit

1991 Gibson F5L
IMG_4072 -edit

1991 Gibson F5L
IMG_4079 -edit

1991 Gibson F5L
IMG_4081 -edit

1962 Gibson J50
IMG_4084 -edit

1962 Gibson J50
IMG_4087 -edit

1962 Gibson J50
IMG_4091 -edit no hp

1987 Martin HD28
IMG_4122 -edit

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  1. Lucasberg

    Great blog post. Awesome pictures, you have some great longevity genes I bet. Your Dad looks great.

  2. These are fabulous. Not only for the memories sake but the photo quality is fanatical. Your pops nailed it. Great lighting and posing, Brian. These all made me smile. GREAT work. Go to paper and frame some, I say.

  3. Jason Hamilton

    Really nice set here Brian! – Your dad looks fantastic! – Long time in the making but worth the planning!

  4. Awesome set of pictures…dad looks great as usual. He has a little extra glow being surrounded by his instruments. Brings back lots of memories listening to him play with his brothers and nephews growing up.
    Love you Dad, don’t ever stop playing. You have a gift and not everyone has been lucky enough to hear it yet.



  6. joleen lapointe

    What a great thing to do Brian! Uncle Don, you look awesome. Don’t ever stop playing!

  7. spectacular captures. Great memories for generations to come!

  8. Donna ( Boudreau) McLeod

    Brian what a beautiful tribute to your dad. These photos truly capture him. Such a wonderful kind man with an amazing talent. A man of many talents actually. I miss the old days when the families got together more often and we also would get to hear him play. So wonderful to see him passing on his skills and knowledge to the following generations. Might also add a handsome and dapper man. He takes good care of himself and it’s truly shows. Love to your dad … I enjoyed a quick visit with him this year :)xoxo Good work Brian and great capture 🙂

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