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The Watcher

Week 52/52 Project

I’ve completed another project. This one actually took me longer than a year to do. I just had too much stuff going on. It’s funny I did a 365 before this and never missed a day. In a way it seemed easier than the 52 week I think because you are in that zone every day instead of once a week.

I really recommend for people to do either a 365 or a 52 week project. It is a great way to learn about your camera, photography, Photoshop and yourself!

I wanted to finish off this project with something neat. This is probably the first shot I sketched out (stick figure I don’t draw:) before hand)

I used 79 layers for this including some of my own clouds for the fog/mist, light trails for glasses reflections, previous 52 week shots for the sphere. I used brushes for the background and many layer masks, blend modes and layer styles.

You can View my complete 52 week set Here and my previous 365 set Here

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