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I’m Back!


So it seems like it has been forever since I did a blog post. Due to health issues, I have been absent on here for the better part of a year. I was born with Tetralogy of Fallot (heart problems) and every so many years I need to get my pulmonary valve replaced. Well after a long year of tests and laying in bed with zero energy, I finally had my 4th heart surgery in July 2014.

I am now feeling much better and looking forward to getting back to shooting photos and making great art. It is amazing how far technology has come. This was the first time they were able to do a new procedure that didn’t require full open heart surgery.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who supported me along the way with well wishes and prayers. I have a new lease on life and lots of exciting stuff coming in the next few months.

Here are a few images and video from my surgery. They have special meaning to me as a photographer… a picture really is worth a thousand words…


Old Vale Leaking

Old Vale Leaking

You can the see the old valve leaking severely. blood is flowing in both directions


First stent in to blow out old Valve

First stent in to blow out old Valve

The first stent is put in place to crush the old valve out of the way. Still leaking severely

New Valve Being inserted

New Valve Being inserted

New Valve working Perfectly

New Valve working Perfectly

New valve is in place and blood is correctly flowing out of the heart only. Working perfectly!



  1. Glad to have you back and healthy! Technology is incredibl… Look ing forward to shooting some landscapes soon!

  2. Oh my goodness! So glad that you are starting to feel better!! Here’s to good health and lots of art in your future!

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery Brian. Technology can be a blessing in many ways. Love the imagery. Not something you see everyday!

    • Thanks Patricia. Technology has come a long way. Glad you liked the images. It’s a type of photography we don’t get to see much of

  4. Linda Muir

    That was an amazing share! So happy to have you back healthy. Watching you get sicker and sicker over the past year was sad and scary. Seeing you today you have so much better skin colour and you were happy! It was so nice to be out shooting today —– like old times again, only difference being you are healthier. 🙂

  5. Brian thiscis such wonderful news!
    Gid is so good!
    Im so overjoyed to hear how good you feel
    and how truly grateful you are

    In His love,
    Deborah xo

  6. Good luck on future endeavors!

  7. Glad you are back, ready for some action! Thanks for sharing the videos, they are very informative! I will pray for continued speedy recovery for you. God bless!

  8. Speed recovery and welcome back!

  9. speedy recovery Brian.
    Hope we can get together soon for some landscapes.

  10. SO glad to hear that you are doing so much better finally. Looking forward to seeing where this renewed energy is going to take you!

  11. This is just so crazy to see. What a great blog post! Had a group of us praying for you and your family during this time. SO glad to have you back my friend.

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